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Clients across the country choose Life Coach Round Rock for our convenient, flexible scheduling options and our excellent record of client satisfaction. We are a highly reviewed, award winning service dedicated to your coaching needs! Schedule a free phone consultation today to learn more about what Life Coach Round Rock can do for you.

A life coach can assist you in improving the quality of your personal relationships, career development, organizational skills, health, fitness and overall well-being.

We provide one-on-one help with personal challenges – just as sports coaches help athletes with the hardships they encounter. A life coach is not a psychiatrist, therapist or friend; he or she is a trusted professional consultant who will give you candid assessments of your situation and options, and help you develop an effective course of action.

Trained to listen and observe how you are dealing with your circumstances and environment, your coach works with you to evaluate your current situation, define your goals, develop actionable plans to pursue these, and deal with issues and setbacks along the way. A life coach or professional career coach brings another set of eyes to expand your perspectives and support new initiatives. Your coach is a confidant with whom you can share your circumstances, hopes, fears and uncertainties.

Many of our Round Rock, Georgetown TX and Austin life coaching clients elect to have in-office life coach sessions but we also offer remote phone or video life coaching, and provide between-session support via chat and email. If you’re struggling with aspects of your career or personal situations, call today to talk with an experienced life skills coach. (512) 843-2656

When Do I Need a Life Coach?

Many people contact life coaches (or more narrowly focused dating coaches) to get help managing specific challenges – health and wellness, stress management, financial, career, time management or relationship issues. Our frenetic society places demands on us in all of these areas. It’s not surprising that we can be overwhelmed by the pace and pressure of modern life. And in many cases, it would be inappropriate to confide in a friend, family member or colleague about these private matters. 

It’s a lot easier to be forthcoming about personal situations (and discuss a wider variety of solutions) if you have someone to talk with who is not directly involved. Successful athletes don’t share their problems with competitors, fans -- or even teammates who in many cases are also rivals. They rely on sports coaches and trainers to give them honest and unbiased assessments, advice and encouragement. That’s the role of life coaches – in addition to bringing a wealth of training and experience, we are unquestionably on your side.

Benefits of Working with a Life Coach

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some are experiencing a general dissatisfaction with their lives, relationships, health, fitness, performance or careers. Others have specific problems they would like some help with – a relationship issue, difficulties at work, or time management challenge. Life coaches guide you in assessing your situation, developing a personalized improvement plan, and encouraging you as you accomplish your objectives. Here are some of the specific benefits our clients have experienced:

  • Overcoming anxiety and fear

  • Managing stress

  • Developing coping skills

  • Improving work-life balance

  • Building confidence

  • Enhancing wellness, health and fitness

  • Improving organizational skills and time management

  • Learning relaxation techniques

  • Enhancing relationship and communications skills

Many clients gain beneficial situational and behavioral insights in just the first few sessions. The process of interacting with your coach to describe your situation, challenges and goals enables you to identify what you really want and the things that are currently preventing you from realizing these goals. Subsequent sessions will build on this knowledge to create a practical strategy and action plan to achieve your objectives. We will guide, encourage and celebrate with you, as you gain the confidence and skills to meet your personal goals. 

Call to see how a life coach can help you. (512) 843-2656

The Life Coaching Process

Through a series of structured conversations, we will help you discover your true goals and the issues that are blocking your success. You will be able to perceive and understand your present situation and options with a clear and balanced perspective. Your life coach will work with you to develop exercises and action plans that help you develop insight and achieve your objectives.

Here are the major elements of our coaching process:

  • Situational analysis

  • Goal setting

  • Resources and options review

  • Action plan development

  • Commitment and self-motivation

  • Ongoing results evaluation and encouragement

Coach Angela Hayes has developed a special methodology for life coaching and change management based on four topics: Priority, Action, Time and Hope – P.A.T.H. for short. These are the four areas in which people often get blocked in creating change. By being mindful of the P.A.T.H. components, clients are able to learn the process of change, so they can diagnose where they have stalled and identify the steps necessary to make change happen.

A typical session is 45-60 minutes in length. The optimal frequency of these interactions depends on your needs and availability. Most clients begin with once or twice a week during the initial sessions (situational analysis, goal setting, action plan development) and then taper off to two or three times a month to work through problem areas and help you stay motivated. And you can schedule additional appointments if you encounter unexpected difficulties, or need a little extra motivation or encouragement.

Although most of our Round Rock and Pflugerville area life coach sessions are done in-office, Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and nation wide clients prefer the convenience and flexibility of being coached on the phone or via online video through Skype. We customize the frequency, duration and content of these communications to meet your specific needs.

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