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Do you have a resume that isn't getting the attention it deserves?

Are you getting interviews but not getting callbacks?

Do you know you want to make a change but aren't sure what you want?

Career coaching can provide you with valuable feedback on your resume and interview skills. Schedule a mock interview to receive honest and on-point feedback that will help you but your best foot forward at your next interview.

In Austin a career coach can provide invaluable assistance with your professional success. Coaching can help you improve your workplace relationships and performance – or embark on a new occupational path more suited to your goals and skills. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, experienced individual contributor, mid-level manager or new college grad, a career coach can enhance your professional accomplishments and job satisfaction.

In every industry, the most successful people are those who regularly seek the advice of others to help them in planning, conducting and evaluating their careers. Historically this assistance has come from colleagues, mentors, friends or family members; but increasingly successful managers and employees are consulting with career coaches for assessment, guidance and encouragement.

Your personal network is great for generic advice and support. But these well-intentioned people don’t have the training and experience in career coaching that is needed to assist you in assessing and managing specific job-related issues. It takes specialized training to know how to evaluate your current situation and skills, develop a strategy and action plan, and manage that plan through changing circumstances and adversities.

A career coach is an independent professional advisor, trained in diagnosing and overcoming work-related challenges. He or she brings a new set of eyes to the situations and obstacles you are facing. Unlike colleagues, family members and friends, career coaches are not involved in your personal life or workplace environment, and can provide unbiased assessments and guidance -- in confidence.

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When Do I Need a Career Coach?

Most people can benefit from career coaching throughout their professional careers. Rather than waiting for a crisis, it’s a good idea to get a checkup periodically to see if your goals have changed (or should change), how you are progressing towards your vocational objectives, and to assess your level of job satisfaction. We all have a tendency to get immersed in our daily work and overlook the big picture; and it’s great to have a periodic review with a skilled career coach. Preventive maintenance is always better than repairing something that is broken.

But most of our Austin career coach clients come to us as the result of a worsening job situation or transitional event:

  • Loss of job
  • Issues with the boss
  • Difficulties with colleagues
  • Increasing job dissatisfaction
  • Poor performance review
  • Missed promotion
  • Company reorganization/acquisition
  • Change in marital status
  • Desire for a career role or industry change
  • Desire to relocate
  • Need for more money

If you’re not happy with your job -- or if you’re looking for a new job -- you should take advantage of the services available from a professional career coach.

Benefits of Career Coaching

It’s very difficult to analyze your own career situation, challenges and options. We spend so much time and effort doing our jobs, we really aren’t in a good position to objectively think about where we want to go, what we need to do to get there, and how to deal with obstacles along the way.

That’s where the career coach comes in. We have a proven methodology for helping people discover and refine their professional goals, develop a career strategy and action plan, and manage adversities and setbacks as they arise. Career coaching will prepare you to go to work every day with a well-defined strategy and plan that will move you closer to your objectives. You’ll be able to measure your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; and this in itself will increase your productivity and job satisfaction.

Your career coach will guide you through the process of defining these goals and objectives, developing your action plan – and avoiding distractions and diversions that waste your time. Over time, you will learn to extend and manage this process by yourself -- perhaps with an occasional career coaching session when you run into a particularly difficult challenge or need some new ideas. This methodology will take you out of the rut and drudgery of your job and put you on a track toward the work life success you have defined.

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The Career Coach's Process

Our methodology begins with a series of structured conversations designed to reveal your true career goals and the issues that are preventing you from achieving these. Invariably these lead to surprising insights and the identification of mismatches between your objectives and current career trajectory. During these career coaching sessions, we will guide you through the following steps.

  • Situational Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Resources and Options Review
  • Action Plan Development
  • Commitment and Self-Motivation
  • Results Evaluation and Encouragement (Ongoing)

This process will help you to more clearly understand your current situation and obstacles, and identify options for moving forward. Your career coach will work with you to define your objectives, create exercises and an action plan that will serve as a practical To Do list.  

Our typical career coaching session is 45-60 minutes long, and most clients begin with one or two sessions per week. Once your personal action plan has been defined, the frequency of these sessions can be reduced to two or three times a month; and over time, you will learn to manage this process yourself. Of course, you can always schedule a session with your career coach if you run into a particularly difficult challenge, want a different perspective, or could use a little more encouragement.

Our clients who live or work nearby in Round Rock, Pflugerville or Brushy Creek usually prefer to meet with their career coach in Austin/Round Rock office. But we also offer remote sessions for clients that are more distant or are travelling. Most of our Georgetown, Pflugerville and Austin career coaching clients elect to communicate by phone or online video connection (and we can provide these through Skype or Vsee). In any case, we can arrange the medium and frequency of these sessions to fit your needs and preferences.

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