After the very first session, we realized how much we were reading into what each other was saying. We were angry and hurt about things we believed the other person was thinking. It was a game changer to check in and realize how wrong our assumptions were.
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What is a Marriage Coach?

Most of the success and happiness we experience in life is driven by the quality of our relationships with other people. In virtually every relationship our ability to communicate effectively, disagree gracefully, and create connection impact the quality of our relationships. Many people wait until problems in these areas have taken over their lives before seeking help, but why wait?

A professional marriage coach works with you to:

  • Get what you need without conflict through positive communication strategies
  • Disagree without fighting through conflict management strategies
  • Feel comfortable and confident in the relationship by learning to set healthy boundaries
  • Rediscover your intimacy and passion for each other by reconnecting with what made you fall in love

Marriage coaches are independent professional advisors or consultants, trained to help you identify and overcome the challenges in your associations with your partner. Your coach provides a new perspective and insights to the situations and issues you are experiencing. In contrast with other prospective counselors – family members, friends or business associates – a relationship coach is not personally involved in your life, holds no judgement for you or the other parties involved, and can provide unbiased assessments and advice.

At Life Coach Round Rock we know that some topics can be difficult to discuss with family and friends, such as difficulties related to sexual intimacy or infidelity. As part of our marriage and relationship coaching we can also provide sex education to individuals and couples at their request. Please know that any questions or concerns you might have on this topic will be treated with respect by your coach and will be answered in a knowledgeable and professional manner.

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Therapy and Marriage Counseling vs. Marriage Coaching

In contrast with psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, and therapists who diagnose and administer treatments to patients with clinical disorders, trauma, or substance addiction issues, marriage coaches work with healthy couples to assist with the kinds of issues that many couples encounter at some point in their relationship. People struggling with these issues do not require medical or psychiatric intervention; they just need some help analyzing the situation and developing an effective strategy for moving forward. A marriage coach is more like a sports coach, mentor, or teacher – we help you clarify what you want in your relationship, develop a plan to achieve your goals as a couple, and learn or expand your relationship skills to help you succeed.

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Don't wait until you're on the verge of divorce! Get a marriage tune-up today.

It’s no surprise that people who have issues with their spouse or partner and don't address the problem often end up in serious relationship trouble or divorced. Often times there are many signs of distress in the relationship leading up to that point such as,

  • Not taking time for the relationship by spending time together
  • Frequent arguments that escalate quickly
  • Feeling distant, like the love or passion have gone out of the relationship
  • Often feeling like your partner isn't hearing you or is misunderstanding you

This indicates a need for a general review of one’s perspective of the situation, social engagement strategies, and conflict management style; because most likely all of these relationships are suffering from a common source.

It’s difficult to effectively assess your own situations, issues, and options, especially if the conflict has built up in the relationship. We are totally immersed in these every day, and in many cases are living with emotional attachments, conflicts and resentments that built up over years. We have created walls that prevent us from calmly considering our circumstances and objectively thinking about what our true goals are – and how to get there. That’s where relationship coaches come in. 

Your marriage coach will guide you through these steps:

  • Gain clarity about what you each most want in the relationship
  • Identifying everyday actions that can begin moving you in that direction
  • Discovering what is working so that you can do more of that
  • Strengthening your relationship skills
  • Practicing communication strategies in session to ensure you are using them at your best
  • Guidance and Encouragement

Don’t let disagreements and a busy life get in the way of your relationship and make your life miserable.
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Life Coach Round Rock is a Safe Place

At Life Coach Round Rock we respect your beliefs, self expression, life style, and relationship choices. We offer a safe place to choose your own relationship goals and work towards achieving them with support and empathy from your coach without fear of judgement. We do not discriminate and welcome everyone to participate in coaching. We are available to work with all religions, genders, sexual orientations, and relationship orientations.

We do have some beliefs about what makes relationships successful that informs our work. We believe that all participants in a relationship should be honest about their needs, expectations, and boundaries. We believe that openness and honesty are necessary for intimacy. We believe that verbal and physical violence are detrimental to a healthy relationship and the health of the individuals. We also believe that everyone has the right to choose the kind of relationship that want to be in and that everyone has the right to know what kind of relationship they are in.

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