Choice is empowering even when you wouldn't change a thing.


Here is a small truth about people: We feel better about any situation that we choose to be in, even if it isn't a situation that makes us happy.
 Here is another truth about people: We ignore the existence of choices we find unacceptable for any reason. By ignore I mean that we don't consciously acknowledge them as options.          

For example a person who is very unhappy at work, and doesn't get along with his or her boss may not consider quitting. Subconsciously they are thinking about all the reasons they can't quit.  

What do people do when they feel trapped and backed into a corner?      

They stop thinking rationally, they stop problem solving, their fight or flight response takes over.  

Choice isn't always about doing something different but about realizing that you could. So next time you feel trapped by a situation sit down with a piece of paper and write down everything you could do without editing it, this is an brainstorming technique to get past our subconscious editor.

When you get done go through your ideas, one of them might be the solution to your problem, but even if you decide not to change a thing you will feel better knowing you have options.