Changing one small thing will eventually change everything!

It can be difficult when you know you are unhappy but aren't sure what to do about it. Sometimes it can be seemingly small things that make us unhappy such as not having quality time with a significant other or constant small stressors making it hard to enjoy life.

One way to explore this is to think about a time in your life when you felt happier and consider what is different now? Are you working more? Spending less time with friends or haven’t made friends after a move? Have you taken on additional responsibilities? Did you take a new job that you enjoy less or causes more stress?

Change one small thing, do one thing differently.

Once you identify some things that may be causing your distress it is time to change. Try changing something small rather than trying to change several things or making major changes. For example, setting up a weekly coffee date with friends or establishing a date-night with your spouse to get some quality time. You may need to improve your stress management skills, something a life coach can help you do.

Wait, It’s my job!

If the problem stems from your work you may need to narrow down exactly what the difficulty is. Perhaps you don’t mesh well with your manager, feel stifled by a lack of independence, or company policies make your work more difficult. The corporate culture in some businesses can be difficult to manage and you may need an in-company mentor to help navigate these problems.

The problem may be more internal if you are doing work that does not suit your personality or talents. If you are struggling to discover a path in life that will be more fulfilling then it may be time to hire a life coach! A life coach can help you explore your abilities and discover what may be holding you back from pursuing the life you always wanted.

Wishing you the best,